Photo Tips For Your Next Outfit Of The Day Post


Photo Tips For Your Next Outfit Of The Day Post

We all love taking a classic #OOTD picture and sharing it on social media. I mean, who doesn’t love showing off that cute new outfit? Although we love these stylish posts, they can be hard to master. “What pose should I do?” “What face should I make?” “Can you see my purse in this shot?” Sound familiar? Well, you are in good company since millions of fashionistas everywhere deal with the same dilemmas while perfecting the outfit shot. This inspired us to create a list of some photo tips to help you master that #OOTD post and ensure you reel in all those likes.

Find the Perfect Lighting

Before you can start snapping away, you have to make sure you have good lighting. Lighting, which can make or break your picture, is best when natural. Take full advantage of the golden hour, which peaks around mid-afternoon, and your outfit will shine as bright as that beaming sun. To make the most of the natural light, make sure the light is in front of you. You want to avoid as much shadow casting on your face as possible to capture all of your beauty.

Practice Makes Perfect

Have you went in front of a camera and then completely froze up? Questions race through your mind: “What do I do with my arms?” “Is this awkward?” We’ve all been there. Whether it’s not knowing how to pose or wondering what looks best, we have found that practicing in front of a mirror can help you discover the perfect pose that works for you. Take some time before whipping out your camera to test different positions that not only highlight your awesome outfit but also make you feel your best. While trying out different poses in the mirror, you will learn what your best angles are – and with this information, capturing your #OOTD photos will feel like a breeze!

Find a Friend

Behind every model is a good photographer. Whether your photographer is your mom, a friend, or even a stranger, they can help you take the perfect shot that brings in the likes. Before you hand off the camera to them, make sure you explain exactly how you want the photo to look. Whether it’s telling them to make sure they get your stylish shoes in the shot or just holding the phone a little lower to capture your best angle, a quick lesson beforehand ensures that you get that perfect picture you will love.

Always Be Yourself

The best shots are always the ones that someone takes when you least expect it. Whether you’re letting out a laugh or just fixing your hair, you can never go wrong with some natural poses. You can even incorporate a prop – but make sure it is something you use in your daily routine so it does not appear as disingenuous or fake. Our favourite prop is the classic coffee cup, which you can sip on or simply just hold as you strike a pose. Others include food or even some sunglasses which you can adjust while your photographer snaps away. Make sure you tell the person taking your pictures ahead of time to keep taking pictures despite your change in movement, to ensure you get that cute candid shots. Sometimes the best pictures are the least planned ones.

Use Your Surroundings To Your Advantage

Finding the perfect backdrop to show off your stylish ensemble is crucial. If the background is too distracting, all of your followers’ attention will go to the setting instead of your adorable outfit. You can find beautiful buildings around your city that will serve as the perfect backdrop for you to strike a pose. If no buildings come to mind, take to Google and search “best places to take pictures near me.”  You are bound to see dozens of results, if not more. Discovering the perfect backdrop while exploring some new and unique places? Sign us up!

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We understand how important #OOTD posts are for showing off all your styling efforts. Urban Planet has tons of trendy and stylish items that make for the perfect #OOTD pictures. Whether you’re adding snapshots to your personal fashion blog or sharing a post with your Instagram followers, we hope you follow these photo tips as you work your magic behind that camera. We can’t wait to see all your fabulous #OOTD posts soon!