Rock These Outfits with Block Heel Sandals and Slay the Summer Away

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Rock These Outfits with Block Heel Sandals and Slay the Summer Away

This classic ‘90s footwear trend is back on the scene and we could not be more excited. The search for a pair of fabulous shoes that won’t have your back aching can finally end with block heel sandals. But with so many options of styles and colours to choose from, where does one even begin? Fashion Style Guru is here to steer you in the right direction. There are about a million ways to work these sandals into your everyday look, so we’re sharing some of our favourite ways to style them.

A Casual Tee & Cropped Jeans for Canadian Fashionistas

neon t-shirt

skinny jean

Trying to look casual and put together at the same time? Kick the classic jean and a t-shirt look up a notch with an adorable affordable pair of block heel sandals. To build the perfect casual outfit, start with the perfect t-shirt. Your plain white tees can’t compete with the fun, girly vibe from this neon top. The neon-coloured font across the front paired with a distressed pair of cropped jeans will have you feeling edgy and confident. When combined with block sandals, this look will have you feeling confident and gorgeous.

Work-Ready Blazer & Skinny Pants for Ladies of All Shapes and Sizes


The best part about these versatile sandals is how easily they work with your office attire. A pair of block heel sandals with a rose-coloured blazer is professional without being boring. The open front and rolled sleeves allow you to look casual, and pair well with form-fitting plaid pants. The block heels add height, making these trousers that much more flattering and giving you that extra boost of confidence for walking around the office.

A Simple Midi Dress Will Fit Perfectly In Your Stylish Ensemble

midi dress

The bold yellow hue and button down front of this gorgeous asymmetrical ensemble make it our personal summertime favourite. When paired with a stunning block heel sandal, the figure-hugging shape of this dress provides a fresh and sexy date night aesthetic. Be sure to rock this affordable and adorable ensemble for formal events and nights out on the town.

 A Cropped Tank & Trendy Shorts

ribbed top

paperbag shorts

Conventional wisdom tells us that heels and shorts do not go together. The truth is that, with the right style, this combination is the perfect way to show off some leg and slay all summer away. The retro design of these paper bag shorts makes your waist look teeny and your legs look endless. When paired with the soft and casual ribbed button-down top, you’ll look like a snack and feel like you’re in PJ’s. Round out the look with some block heels to endlessly stun.

Up Your Style Game With Block Heels- The Summer’s Hottest Trend

Ditching uncomfortable stilettos has never been so easy. These outfits let you say “goodbye” to unflattering flats and “hello” to summertime gorgeousness. A pair of block heels with any of these outfits is all you need to keep it casual or classy.