Save or Splurge – October

Save or Splurge – October

If you love shopping like I do, I’m sure you should know by now that it’s important to look around before purchasing that IT item you’ve been dying to invest in. For starters sometimes you can find that same IT item somewhere else for a more affordable price. So I ask you would you rather save or splurge? My advice to you is don’t buy anything on impulse, try to look around and see what your best options are. I guarantee, you will save yourself a lot of money this way. Head over to Urban Planet and Suzy Shier to check out all their great deals on the latest trends.

Belted Leather Jacket 

Leather jackets are a fashionista’s favorite fall essential. If you’re looking to add a bit more of edginess to your look, this is your go-to wardrobe piece. Leather jackets are timeless, durable and go with everything. Pair a leather jacket over a knit turtleneck styled with ripped denim skinny jeans and ankle black ankle boots. Leather jackets work well with both oversized and fitted tops. This versatile jacket not only can be worn with anything, but you can also wear it to any place – whether it’s to a night out with friends or to the office.

farfetch belted leather jacket $2,720
Farfetch $2,720.00
UP belted leather jacket $29.99
Urban Planet $29.99

Puffer Coat

Whether you’re hitting the slopes this winter or you live in sub-zero temps, a puffer coat is a must. Puffer jackets provide the unique combination of both warmth and lightness. The best part about leather jackets is you can style them with anything and they last you a lifetime. If you’re looking for more of an everyday coat and you’re an all black all day kind of girl, then stick to what you know and love. But if you’re looking to experiment a bit, I’d go for a printed puffer coat or bold color – red, mustard, burgundy or blue. I would style this black puffer coat with denim straight leg jeans, a graphic tee and sneakers.

Burberry Puffer Coat $1,590
Burberry $1,590.00
UP puffer coat $119.99
Urban Planet $119.00

Chenille Sweater 

The 90’s trend you’ve been seeing everywhere is a must in your wardrobe this fall/winter: chenille sweater. Chenille sweater are ultra-plush, knit from a tufted yarn that makes them velvety soft. The best thing about these cozy sweaters is that they’re not itchy. This winter you’ll see slouchy cropped v-necks, cozy hoodies, and over-size off the shoulder styles in many different colors. You can style these sweater with a plaid mini or vintage mom jeans and ankle boots. You’ll want to live in this sweater all winter long.

Nordstrom chenille sweater $119.00
Nordstrom $119.00
UP chenille sweater $11.99
Urban Planet $11.99

Floral Printed Dress 

Fall is the perfect season to give prints a try, especially printed dresses. Floral dresses may be the go-to print in the summer, but in the fall, a printed dress can become the most worn item in your closet. There’s no fashion rule that says you can’t wear a floral dress in the winter, but I’d say wear thick tights beneath to keep yourself warm and so it gives you more of a wintery look. Besides if you want to keep summer alive this Suzy Shier floral dress for less is the dress for you. You can style a leather jacket over this dress or even a cardigan paired with pumps.


reiss peony floral printed dress $320

Reiss Peony $320.00


SZ floral printed dress $49.00

Suzy Shier $49.00

Plaid Pants

We know fall is here when we start to see plaid everywhere, whether it’s on your pants, tops, sweaters and even coats. Fall is in full swing and we’re piling on the plaid. Plaid already makes a statement on its own so styling can be pretty simple if you style the print with bold colors. Plaid pants are the perfect statement piece and much more versatile than you think. It’s a piece of clothing that is not for the timid because it’s loud and bold. When something causes people to put down their permanently on rotation jeans, we listen. I would style these plaid trousers with a black bodysuit, a leather jacket and  black pumps or combat boots.


saks fifth avenue plaid pants $186.00

Saks Fifth Avenue $186.00


SZ plaid pants $39.00

Suzy Shier $39.00

Leather Gloves

Winter outings are easier when you aren’t relegating your cold hands to your pockets. The thicker the gloves, the warmer you’ll be. And as you may already know leather gloves look very elegant and sophisticated. Leather gloves also provide a secure grip, which makes them good for driving in the winter.

Tory Burch leather gloves $178.00
Tory Burch $178.00
UP leather gloves $7.19
Urban Planet $7.19

Brushed Knit Coat 

This type of coat not only keep you warm when temperatures are dropping, but they also add a bit of sophistication to your look. Brushed knit coats are very versatile, you can dress them up or down – whether you’re going for a casual look with sneakers or a more classy look with heels. I would pair this coat with plaid trousers, a turtleneck sweater tucked in and pumps.

shopbob brushed knit jacket $498
Shopbop $498.00
SZ brushed knit jacket $78.00
Suzy Shier $78.00

Patchwork Crew Neck Sweater

A patchwork crew neck sweater or anything patchwork makes a statement all on its own. Patchwork is basically a piece of clothing with alternate blocks of colors or patterns. This cozy statement piece can be styled with denim jeans or bold colored trousers that match one of the colors on the sweater. Pair this look with boots and you’re good to go. The perfect sweater for ultimate comfort and style.


 shopbop patchwork crew neck sweater $410.00 

Shopbop $410.00


SZ patchwork crew neck sweater $38.00

Suzy Shier $38.00

Jersey Turtleneck

Turtlenecks have been upgraded to the chicest of winter essentials. Yes, they’re still plainly useful and effective when a sudden cold front rolls in, but they’re also the foundation of all sorts of outfits. You can wear them tucked into a long skirt, paired with high waisted denim jeans or layered under a colorful coat. A jersey turtleneck is pretty much a shirt that comes with a scarf that is impossible to lose. I would pair this turtleneck top under a midi dress paired with knee high  boots.


 shopbop jersey turtleneck $300 

Shopbop $300.00


SZ jersey turtleneck $18.00 

Suzy Shier $18.00