Stylish Summer Dresses For Wedding Guests

Stylish Summer Dresses For Wedding Guests

Hey ladies, are you ready for summer wedding season? While it’s exciting to watch your closest friends tie the knot, dressing for the special occasion can be a real drag. Don’t get me wrong—I love weddings, but it’s hard choosing a cute outfit that doesn’t cause you to collapse from heatstroke.

So let’s review! You need to find an outfit that:

  • Doesn’t upstage the bride
  • Is comfortable enough to dance in
  • Won’t cause you to overheat
  • Is affordable

Easier said than done, right? Not to worry, our fashion experts pulled some outfit ideas together to ease the stress of dress shopping, and save you from a wedding attire faux pas.

Dresses For A Black-Tie Wedding

Choosing an outfit for a formal ceremony can be tricky. In this case, a floor length gown is entirely appropriate; but a cocktail dress would also be suitable. Be careful not to match the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses. You don’t want to invoke their wrath. Don’t sweat the formal dress code. Summer weddings tend to be a bit more casual, so try out some warm colour tones.

sleeveless midi dress

bodycon midi dress

Dresses For A Beach Wedding

Forget diamonds, breathable fabric is a girl’s best friend this wedding season. You will likely be dealing with the hot sun, wind, mosquitoes and lots of sand. Avoid anything too formal or too form fitting. Stick to floral patterns, bright colours, and something fun and flowy that will keep you comfortable and on theme. The beach setting automatically makes things more casual giving you the freedom to create a much more playful look not possible any other season.

skater dress

slit midi dress

floral off the shoulder

Dresses For a Barn Wedding

The rustic barn wedding is a major trend these days and one you will most likely receive an invite to this summer. Those of you who tend to resist tradition and formality and prefer slightly more casual attire can sigh a breath of relief. No need to pull out your princess gown and tiara but avoid throwing on a pair of your favourite jeans too. A flowy pastel or floral dress will be perfect for the rural setting and be a perfect way to embrace the summer season.

maxi dress

crochet dress

Dresses For Any Summer Wedding

Keep in mind the obvious wedding dos and don’ts. Don’t walk into the ceremony wearing ANYTHING resembling the bride’s dress. Don’t copy the colour, the design, or the fabric. You’ve been warned!

A simple mid-length cocktail dress in toned down colours paired with a comfortable heel is a safe and classic choice. Going the modest route ensures no upstaging the bride and can still be made bold with the right pair of earrings and a fun hairstyle.

turtleneck dress