Show Off Your Curves In These 5 Fabulous Workwear Outfits

button midi skirt

Show Off Your Curves In These 5 Fabulous Workwear Outfits

It’s time to bring some style to the boardroom because workwear has never felt more exciting than this season. If you want to look fabulous at your job, we’ve created some of our favourite office-approved outfits that’ll transform you into a chic corporate chief.

Rock a Midi Dress With Style

When you want to look your best at work but you’ve slept through your alarm clock, midi dresses are the perfect solution. These midi dresses from Urban Planet are great for showing off your curves because they hug each curve without becoming a distraction.

 Velvet V-Neck Midi Dress

velvet midi dress 

Sparkle Cowl Back Midi Dress 

sparkle cowl midi dress

Customize your look by pairing a dark blue women’s midi dress with some heels or flats to stun at the office. If you want to sport a midi dress at happy hour, try adorning yourself with a biker jacket for that rocker chic look.

Gushing Over Jeans

If you have casual Fridays at your workplace, then it’s time to introduce some daring denim into your ensemble. Skinny jeans are great to wear to show off your curves. Both affordable and comfortable for long office hours, skinny jeans show off compliment any figure.

Are you looking for outfit ideas? You can either dress these skinny jeans up or down depending on your style choice. For an effortless casual Friday outfit, opt for a pair of dark wash skinny jeans with a cream, loose-fitting top, and a black blazer to complete the look. If you’re looking for some great jeans to add to your wardrobe, take a glimpse at these awesome styles from Urban Planet.

 High-Rise Cropped Skinny Jean with Chain

cropped skinny jean

High-Rise Distressed Skinny Jean

distressed skinny jean 

Cali Black Ultra High-Rise Skinny Jean

high rise skinny jean 

Rio Low-Rise Push-Up Dark Wash Distressed Skinny Jean

dark wash distressed skinny jean

Stock Up On Pantsuits The Flaunt Your Curves

Yes, you read that right. Pantsuits allow women to show off their beautiful curves while keeping a professional look. Look and feel confident because pantsuits are now more figure-flattering; they hug your curves without forcing you to give up your signature boss babe look.

Midi Skirts: A Streetwear Essential

Midi skirts have never been hotter, especially for curvy hard-working women. Women’s midi skirts radiate that chic vibe that fits in at the office. Midi skirts are great for after-work activities such as grabbing drinks with your girlfriends.

midi skirt


bandage midi skirt

Don’t even get us started on the available outfit options; they’re seemingly endless! Pair your favourite midi skirt with a long-sleeve turtleneck for those cooler days with some chic flats or high heels.

Fall In Love With Bell-Bottom Jeans

This particular style of jeans hugs your curves in all of the right areas, establishing a fabulous look and an extra boost of confidence you need to dominate the #OOTD game. Bell-bottom jeans allow you to keep your outfits classy and will have your co-workers mimicking your style. Experiment with your outfit by matching a pair of bell-bottom jeans with a loose-fitting blouse, before completing the look with a chic pair of heels you have lying in your closet.