The Perfect Scarves You’ll Want This Fall


The Perfect Scarves You’ll Want This Fall

Pumpkin spice lattes, sitting in front of the fireplace … yes, fall weather is here! What better way to get into the season’s spirit than by looking at different styles of scarves? Not only are they perfect for the fall, but scarves can also be used when the transition to winter begins.

Bandanas As a Scarf

Yes, you read that right: bandanas are being used this fall as scarves to add a little bit of jazz and flavor to an outfit. Bandanas are great for the fall because they are so lightweight and versatile that they can go well with almost any outfit. And there are an insane amount of styles to choose from! Try going with a patterned bandana; it will really give any outfit that extra spice it needs.

bandana scarf

Beige Scarves

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a neutral option. Having a beige scarf in your closet is ideal for this fall. Beige scarves go well with many outfits with a variety of colors. Beige is such a calming colour that you’ll be hoping that fall never ends.

beige scarf

Print Scarves

Print scarves can be a little intimidating or many. Prints can sometimes be hard to pair with, and it can be challenging to know what goes well with them. But that’s the beauty of fashion: you don’t always have to follow rules Print scarves can really play up any neutral outfit or they can add extra attention to an outfit that is already eye-catching. Go ahead and be daring this fall.

print scarf

Paisley Scarves

Yes, you might think of a bandana when you think of paisley. However, these designs are now being featured in scarves all around the world. These scarves will have many heads turning because of their unique style. You’ll be encouraged to choose from a variety of colors. You can go for the classic red, or switch it up and go with white, blue, green, yellow, or any color you’d like.

paisley scarf

Animal Print Scarves

Print scarves are in this season — and there’s a lot more to look for than just the animal print style. Print scarves for this fall can range from animal prints to other options featuring a variety of fruit on them, smiley faces, etc. This fall, it’s all about being artistic and drawing attention. Print scarves are exciting and also ideal when you’re wearing more of a laid-back outfit. If you want to be original, pick a print scarf with different print drawings.

animal print scarf

Scarves for the Fall

Regardless of what scarf style you chose to wear this fall, just know that these five choices are only a few choices out of many more options. Scarves are more than just about keeping your neck warm; they are a statement that is added to your outfit. So take a look through your scarf collection. If you don’t find anything eye-catching, start by purchasing one of these five exciting options.