The Trendiest Festival Outfits For Summer 2020

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The Trendiest Festival Outfits For Summer 2020

The warm weather is slowly (very slowly) approaching and we’re counting down the days until we can prance around in the sun while we listen to our favorite jams. You know what that means, right? The outdoor music festival season is almost upon us! Whichever event you plan on attending this year, whether it’s Coachella or the Governer’s Ball, you can draw inspiration from our trendy outfit ideas to look and feel your absolute best. Our fashion-obsessed bloggers at Fashion Style Guru adore these incredible looks that you can rock this Summer season. Keep reading and discover our favorite festival-ready outfit picks.

Look Charming In This Boho Chic Ensemble

No big deal if you didn’t make it to Coachella this year, there are plenty more festivals to attend! Boho chic is a dreamy style of dress known for being a fan favorite at Coachella, but it takes some practice to find the right look. It’s impossible to go wrong with fringe. Fringe is so versatile and looks incredible on all types of garments like delicate jackets, flowy pants, and darling tops. A wide brim hat is another essential for this festival boho queen look because it protects your beautiful face from the harsh sunlight. It’s definitely a win-win situation! Long, lightweight dresses such as tunics and maxi dresses are an effortless way for a fabulous head-to-toe outfit without overcomplicating your aesthetic. Keep up the free spirit and go for light colors like cream and beige to enforce this airy, gentle look. Light, neutral colors bring objects towards the surface as opposed to dark colors that fall flat in the background. Because this boho style is so textured and lively, we want to avoid the darkness.

The Festival Baddie In Black

This one is for all those edgy women out there. Give your festival buddies chills in flawless leather pants and a dainty bra top. Pairing any edgy outfit with some platform boots is a must to really define the final look. But if it’s too warm to wear leather and boots, try rocking some distressed denim and black sneakers instead. Take your look a step further by dripping yourself in chains, chokers, and jewels to shine radiantly like a black diamond. Since your outfit is mostly black, brightening it up with some sparkly gems is a fantastic way to stand out at these crowded festivals. Go for a smokey eye and a vampy lip to top off this baddie look.

Shine Like A Galactic Space Girl At Any Festival

You already know what I’m talking about, ladies. Look interstellar in your holographic ensemble and don’t be afraid to play around with different makeup styles. Sparkles, face jewels, and flash tattoos styled with space buns are a recipe for a shiny, intergalactic festival queen. Does your look seem incomplete? Spice it up by layering some fishnet leggings or a sheer long sleeve top underneath without overheating. As for a purse, fanny packs are back in style and come in every color and material under the sun. Our favorite part about this trendy festival look is that sneakers are normally the go-to shoe, usually white sneakers as to not drab down this fun look with dark colors.

Festival Outfit Functionality At Its Finest

Alright, ladies– If you’re a functional person, a mother, or you just like being prepared, then this one is for you. We all know by now that these music festivals can get messy and the weather is unpredictable, so why not come prepared? Pack your backpack with sunscreen, an umbrella or poncho, some sunglasses, baby wipes, and of course your wallet. For functional fashion, start with a pair of comfy shorts and old sneakers. Next, find a lightweight top that covers your arms and back to prevent sunburn. Finish off this festival look with a baseball cap or sun hat to protect that cute face from the harmful sun rays.

Be Festival Ready In Your Favorite Look

Whatever type of woman you are – edgy, functional, or boho – we have you covered for the upcoming festival season. Here’s a quick tip: you can always mix and match these styles. You can be a functional baddie or even an intergalactic boho queen. In fact, you can mix almost every style. Combining elements from different looks will indeed push you to move out of your comfort zone without going too far. Whichever style you decide, we know you will look stunning. Subscribe to our blog for the latest fashion-related news and expected trends!