Tips to Get Out of Your Winter Wardrobe Rut

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Tips to Get Out of Your Winter Wardrobe Rut

Ready for winter to be over? Us, too. Don’t get me wrong… I actually love sweater weather, layering dresses over cozy turtlenecks and chunky sweaters over jeans. But eventually all of the winter go-to’s start to get a little repetitive and tiring. In other words, where is the warm weather and can it come any sooner? Sometimes we find ourselves in a total rut when it comes to trying to figure out what to wear, even when our closets are bursting with clothes. And let’s face it we likely have a several more weeks of winter weather, so let’s make the best out of upping your wardrobe game. Here are a few ways to spice up your outfits.

Monochromatic Looks

Try embracing the monochromatic look with some white on white ensembles. I know what you’re thinking…white? It might get too dirty, but the truth is it’s a daring color to wear in the winter. Most people see white as a summer color, but there’s nothing wrong with switching things up a bit. I would mix it up with browns and tans to keep it light. If you’re not into the full white look, you could wear head-to-toe grey or tan. This is the perfect chance for you bring out those snakeprint boots you’ve been dying to wear.

monochromatic look


white on white

Get into Your Summer Closet

The key to wearing your summer pieces in the winter is layering. Try going for a summer skirt and pairing it with a chunky knit and over-the-knee boots. Add a winter jacket and you’ve got yourself the perfect look. Another great look would be wearing your summer dress over a long-sleeved button up, a turtleneck or jumper. There are so many ways you can wear your summer clothes in the winter, the possibilities are endless.

summer clothes in winter

summer clothes in winter

Colors, Colors and More Colors

You can never go wrong with wearing neutrals year-round. But, breaking out a fashion rut, especially in the winter, sometimes requires a dose of color. This means picking up a yellow knit or a bright right sweater or a mustard coat. You can also try experimenting with pastels such as lavender and neon hues, which are trendier than ever this year.

mustard sweater

neon pants

Find a Muse

Try getting daily doses of inspiration to help you find new ways to wear what you already have. Find influencers whose style you love and give them a follow on Instagram, so you can see pictures daily that give you inspiration on styling your closet when scrolling through your feed. And when you see an outfit you love, utilize Instagram’s saving feature and create a folder of pictures to look back on before you get dressed in the morning. This will give you ideas and show you different ways to style clothes you may already have in your closet.

Add Accessories

Pick up a few, new accessories to work into your wardrobe. Some new sunnies, a chic scarf, or a pair of statement booties. On days where you can’t find a way to break out of your rut, add one stand-out accessory. Adding a pair of bold earrings, a knockout bag or even a red lip is a great way to feel better about an outfit you’ve worn way too much this season.


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