A Single Lady’s Guide To Valentine’s Day Fashion

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A Single Lady’s Guide To Valentine’s Day Fashion

It’s that time of the year again, ladies! Dozens of red roses, dinner at the most expensive restaurants, and a shower of gifts and delicious chocolate… for some of us. Half of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day like it’s the last day on earth while the other half either dreads it or celebrates with friends. Whichever way you decide to spend your holiday as a single gal, make sure to treat yourself like the goddess you are. Our bloggers at Fashion Style Guru have come up with the most amazing looks to wear this Valentine’s Day when you’re strutting the streets as a free woman.

In The Loving Spirit For V-Day

No matter what the occasion is, there are always some people who want to dress up for it. If you want to fuss over yourself this Valentine’s Day, pull some red or pink pieces from your closet and start with that. Try to work in an adorable skirt to keep up the cutesy factor. Look as dainty as a rose by curling your hair and topping it off with a charming little bow. We’re not asking you to run around the neighborhood with a basket of rose petals, but we want you to feel as amazing as you look this holiday. Doll yourself up just for you!

Anti-Valentine’s Day For My Single Ladies

We can either pretend like Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist or we can make it loud and clear that we downright are not fans. If you want to act like this day is nonexistent, then do just that and go about your day as if it’s any other. However, if you want to convince the world this is a nonsense holiday, break out your black apparel.

Pair some black jeans with a black turtle neck and show some mystery by throwing on a leather trench coat. While you’re at it, may as well finish this chic look with platform boots and a small crossbody purse. Nothing says anti-love like an entirely black ensemble for this preppy Valentine’s Day holiday.

Galentine’s Day Over Valentine’s Day

To all my single ladies out there: Galentine’s Day is the time to grab your closest gal pals and celebrate your love for each other. Friendships are such a strong bond and should be celebrated once in a while! Dance the night away in a sexy tube top dress and leather pumps. Pull out your finest cocktail dress for dinner and drinks. Have an evening at home in matching PJ’s for a wine and cheese night. Although Galentine’s Day typically lands on the 13th of February, why not double up and celebrate Valentine’s Day too? It’s just another excuse to hang out with your best lady friends for the day.

Celebrate Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Where are my single ladies at? Take this Valentine’s Day and celebrate yourself. Loving yourself is something that is not discussed enough and we must all make it a habit.
Whatever your festivities include this holiday, honor yourself as the strong woman you are. Treat yourself to dinner and a movie or binge-watch your favorite tv show. Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day! Subscribe to our blog for the latest fashion news, incredible styling tips, and more self-love advice.