Your Spring Break Style Guide

spring break

Your Spring Break Style Guide

What is better than sitting on the beach soaking up the sunshine without a care in the world? Spring break will be here before you know it! If you are planning to go away with your friends this spring break you might want to start thinking about what you might take with you!  So grab your favorite bikini and start looking at where in the world you might want to go for spring break this year!

1.      Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must when you are going away on a holiday trip and they are a must to take with you like on spring break. Sunglasses will not only protect you from the sun, but they will also give any of your outfits that extra spice. You can choose sunglasses that have an aviator shape, sunglasses that have a cat eye frame, opt an oval shape, or any style you wish. Make sure to purchase a pair of sunglasses that compliments your face shape. This year it’s all about sunglasses with different shaped eye frames.

2.      Swimsuit

A swimsuit is obviously a must-have when you are going away for spring break. Whether you are soaking the sun in Mexico or kayaking in the south of France a swimsuit will be needed. You can either opt to wear a two-piece swimsuit or you can choose to wear a one-piece swimsuit. The choice is yours both styles will look amazing!

3.      Pair of Flip Flops

Flip-flops are a great shoe choice to take with you for your Spring break. Flip flops can be worn when you are heading down to the beach, they can be worn when you are going to grab a bite to eat and they can be worn out during a night stroll. Flip flops are versatile and can be used for many different activities during Spring break.

4.      Hats

A hat can be your best friend against the scorching sun if you are going away to a warm area. Hats will not only protect your face they can also add style and spunk to your outfit as well. You can opt for a baseball cap, a fedora, a visor, or even a safari hat. Whatever hat you choose, your face and eyes will definitely thank you!

beach hats

5.      Tote Bag

A tote bag is a great item to have with you during spring break. Tote bags are big enough to hold a lot of items you will find using throughout the day. Tote bags can hold your beach towel, your sunscreen, shoes, sunglasses, snacks, etc. Get one that is a neutral color so that it pairs well with your outfits!

tote bag

Get Ready For The Best Spring Break Ever

Spring break is almost here! Get ready to lay out in the sun and enjoy your days with no worries at all! So go ahead plan a spring break trip with your friends and go away to a beautiful warm island. Don’t worry about over-packing you can always mix and match outfits!