Winter Boot Trends You’ll Want To Follow This Season

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Winter Boot Trends You’ll Want To Follow This Season

Let’s face it, ladies: winter is in full swing and you’re probably already tired of those outdated basic boots stored in your closet. Finding new and comfortable footwear becomes trickier as the season progresses, but this shouldn’t mean you have to compromise style. With trends coming right off the runway, be a step ahead of Instagram influencers this season with fun and fabulous boot styles that will amp up any winter outfit for your next outing.

Having so many boot trends to choose from this season, we’ve narrowed down the ones that you can put a unique twist on for your own #OOTD post!

It’s All About The Ankle This Winter

Have you noticed a rise in ankle-length boots and pants recently? Perhaps you noticed your besties rocking this style on Instagram? Well, you’re not the only one catching onto this popular craze. Designers and influencers keep pushing this trend – and with good reason. Whether searching for a new pair of combat boots or ankle-heeled boots, fashionistas can pair these boots with the trendy denim pant silhouettes. For gals who adore loose-fitting and ankle cut jeans, wearing tall boots can feel uncomfortable for day-to-day activities. Skip the hassle this season and opt for some ankle cut boots instead!

Reach New Heights: Over-The-Knee & Thigh-High Styles

Are you growing tired of knee cut boots? While there’s no denying that this style is a classic fashion staple, you can spice up your look this season by adding a thigh-high style or boots that extend just above the knee. These pair easily with mini skirts and dresses to give you more coverage as the temperature drops into single digits. Perfect for a night out with friends, a romantic date night, or any social gathering, these boot styles will help complete your outfit on those rare days when you cannot decide on an outfit

With options like suede and leather materials, these over-the-knee and thigh-high boots will be sure to find their way into your closet.

Pair With Prints

If you’re a fashion follower, you know that animal prints will sneak back into your wardrobe during these cold months. Although you can’t go wrong with the classic cheetah print, keep a lookout for snakeskin! These eye-catching prints are sure to elevate your look and can work with pretty much any boot style you have in your closet. Pair these prints with a little black dress for a night out, or keep it simple with jeans and a solid-colored turtle neck sweater. Animal printed boots will certainly help ease your outfit building pain as these create statement pieces suitable for any casual gathering or special occasion.

Say goodbye to plain black and brown leather boots and say hello to the snakeskin and animal print boot trend!

Rock Some Chunky Heels

Finding the right footwear is difficult during the winter. Outside elements like snow and ice make it difficult just to walk down the street on a night out. Let’s be honest, traditional skinny and slim heels can be difficult to walk in and can make slipping easier. Gain more traction with each step by opting for a chunky heeled boot. A chunky heel will keep you on-trend and safe this season for all your winter outings.

Winter Boots For Every Fashion-Forward Girl

Don’t fall behind on these boot trends that you’ll see celebrities and fashion influencers rocking this season. Fall in love with ankle and thigh-high boots to easily switch up your look or be bold with a statement animal print that is sure to turn heads. Make sure to keep trendy footwear at the forefront of your mind and closet – these will definitely work well for your next event and #OOTD post. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to find a winter boot trend that matches your specific style and taste!