Back to School Fashion for Kids

Back to School Fashion for Kids

New pencils and brand new notebooks are one of the best parts about heading back to school in September, but our absolute favorite bit is definitely picking out new clothes. With kids’ clothing though, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. You want to put together outfits that are durable and comfortable, but still totally adorable and on trend, which can be tough. Luckily, we have all the latest info on what young girls and boys will be rocking when classes start this fall.

Athleisure Is Not Just for Adults

Sporting activewear outside of the gym has been growing in popularity recently, especially with the influx in new trends and designs available, so it makes a lot of sense for kids to be jumping on the bandwagon. Athleisure, along with other activewear, is sturdy and beyond comfortable, so it can travel from the classroom to the playground to after-school soccer practice with super stylish ease. For girls, the varsity vibe is a cute and comfy trend that pairs well with both activewear and casual graphic tees. On the boys’ side of the spectrum, the skater style has been a huge favorite.

It’s all in the Details

Keeping kids’ clothing comfortable doesn’t always mean simple. This season is seeing a trend in small details. For boys, this is manifesting in added zippers, panels, and layered outerwear. Girl’s garments are being adorned with ruffles, drawstrings, and mesh. Simple sheath dresses are instantly cuter and equally comfy with a cinched or belted waist, and bell sleeves are fun to wear no matter what your usual style is!

Don’t Give Sleeves the Cold Shoulder

When it comes to girls’ blouses, your basic tees and tanks no longer cut it. While more classic tops can still be stylish and on trend, shirts with bold sleeves are moving to the forefront of young girls’ fashion. Whether it’s added ties, lace panels, a cold shoulder, or your typical bell sleeve, these new blouses are sure to be your daughter’s new favorite top.

If You Choose a Graphic Tee, Go Retro

T-shirts are easy to wear and easy to wash, so it’s no wonder parents continue to grab them off the shelves each and every back to school season. However, your children needn’t settle for subtle solids and dull designs. Instead, you’ll find many kids are dressed in shirts with vibrant, retro graphics this season. From outdated boom boxes to old school comic and cartoon characters, it seems like parents are passing some of their favorite childhood pop culture on to the next generation.

Tone it Down with Some Earth Tones

Kids’ clothing is notoriously bright, vibrant, and unbelievably colorful. If that’s not your child’s style, or if it’s just a little too much for you, they can stay on trend this fall with some woodsy neutrals. In addition to rich browns and tans, this season will see a rise in earthy greens, olives, and (for young girls) soft pinks.