No Need to Let Go of Your Summer Clothes Just Yet

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No Need to Let Go of Your Summer Clothes Just Yet

There are many things to love about autumn. From new classes to pumpkin picking to seasonal lattes, there’s really no reason to dislike the fall, right? However, if you’re headed back to school with a tight clothing budget, this season can start looking a little grim. Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks to stretch your summer wardrobe that go further than just throwing some tights under your favorite sundress, so you can transition into this semester in style.

Make a Statement with Your Outerwear

Adding some layers to your typical summer outfit is one of the easiest ways to bring a look into the fall. Pair a printed blazer over your favorite mock neck top and jeans, or go for a longline cardigan atop a summery crop top. Opting for a plaid in these cases is a surefire way to give off some cozy autumn vibes. For something a little lighter when the temperature isn’t on a downward spiral yet, a waterfall vest is a simple way to add some dynamic to your summer outfit. Wear it over a basic top and some cropped jeans to show off your favorite ankle boots.

Refashion Your Maxi Dresses

With their airy vibe and sleeveless silhouettes, one might think maxi dress are strictly a summer garment, but we’re calling for you to avoid packing them away just yet. The key is to layer up and then add a few structured elements. Try a tie front button-up or a belted blazer or cardigan. Even a cropped sweater over a billowing maxi skirt can create a drop dead gorgeous ensemble for fall.

Throw a Scarf on It

Garment layering isn’t the only option when it comes to refashioning your wardrobe for autumn. By adding one simple accessory to your closet, you can prolong the life of even your most summery clothes. Wrap a chunky scarf over your favorite tank or tee for a look that’ll be perfect for grabbing a hot coffee during your crisp morning commute to class. To pair your crop tops and rompers, drape your scarf over your shoulders and wear it loose or belt it for an easy shawl.

Work Your Sandals Into Unconventional Looks

Shorts and sandals probably aren’t the best options when the cooler temperatures are fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you need to hide away your summer footwear just yet. Matching your sandals to more full-coverage garments can instantly create the perfect outfit for those days when it’s not quite hot and not yet freezing. Next time you’re trying to decide which season it is you’re dressing for, try a chunky sandal with your favorite wintery jumpsuit or jeans for a chic transition look.

Pastels aren’t Just for Spring

Light colors have always been an early year favorite for most people, but there are easy ways to work them into your fall fashion. Inserting some jewels tones into the mix is a great way to slowly introduce your autumn style without having to get rid of that lavender blouse you love. Take advantage of layers with a plum blazer, or even a few sweaters in burgundy, mustard, or gamboge.