Cozy Fall Hoodies For Your Toddler

Cozy Fall Hoodies For Your Toddler

As the weather cools down and the days get shorter, it’s important to make sure that your little angels stay warm and comfortable. Nights spent outside chasing fireflies get chilly in the blink of an eye, and nothing is fun if you’re feeling cold. It’s important to make sure that your cuties have appropriate attire in their closets so that they stay warm and happy when the weather starts to turn.  We know that it isn’t always easy to get the perfect hoodies for your kids. One day they like their hoodie, the next they hate it.  Luckily, Urban Planet offers hoodies that your toddler will love, and you’ll love how adorable they look. Here are some of our favourites that deserve a spot in your child’s closet now and for seasons to come!

Colourful Hoodies

camo popover hoodie

caticorn popover hoodie

Just because they are a staple piece doesn’t mean they have to be bland and boring. Urban Planet has seemingly endless options of colourful and patterned hoodies that will match your child’s style. If your little girl loves ballet, the ballerina pink hoodie is perfect for her. If your son loves playing outside, get him this great camo hoodie.  Adding a little personalized touch to your child’s hoodie will ensure the one you buy them is something they will actually want to wear. After all, the goal is to keep them warm while making them feel confident and comfortable in the clothes that they wear.

Full Zip-Up Hoodies

zip up hooded sweater

Zip-up hoodies are a must for all little kids. Kids go from freezing to burning up so quickly, so it’s important they wear clothes that they can easily put on and take off. Sometimes dealing with the fuss of a pullover can be a whole ordeal that no one wants to deal with it, so you need something that your toddler can unzip. The best part of these zip-ups is that they come with hoods. A hood protects your child from unexpected rainstorms and they add a layer of warmth when the temperature begins to drop. Zip-up hoodies come in almost every colour and style imaginable so easy to find the perfect one for your toddler.  To make the hoodie extra cozy for those chilly nights around the bonfire, get one that’s a size larger than what your toddler usually wears. This will add a little bit of room to the sweatshirt that ensures you’re little angel is extra comfortable and warm.

Fuzzy Fur-Lined Hoodies

graphic hoodie

unicorn hoodie

When the weather gets cold, there is nothing better than a hoodie lined with fur. It gives the hoodie a luxurious feel as if your child is wearing a fur coat. Your child will fall in love with their very own fur-lined hoodie. It’s so soft that they may never want to take it off, even when they’re inside.

A fur-lined hoodie is an investment piece that will pay for itself. These hoodies are perfect year-round. They provide the right amount of warmth for chilly summer nights and fall days, but they also work great for layering in the winter.  You won’t need to buy any more blankets because these fur-lined hoodies are super soft. Your child will love the look and feel of these hoodies, and you’ll love knowing that they are staying warm.

Keep Your Cutie Stays Comfy & Warm

Urban Planet offers an amazing selection of hoodies; your biggest challenge will be finding the best one for your child. Using our tips for zip-up, fur-lined, and personalized hoodies, you’re sure to find a hoodie that both you and your toddler will love.