Dress Better With These Classy Outfits

classy outfit

Dress Better With These Classy Outfits

Are you looking to change up your wardrobe? Do you want to give your wardrobe a classy and sophisticated look but don’t know where to start? Look no further because we have the answers to your questions. Dressing more classy and sophisticated is all about key elements and knowing how to combine them properly. If you are ready to dive into a new classier look, let’s get started.

Simple Elegant Black Dresses

What screams classy and trendy? That’s right, a black dress! A black dress is a great staple piece to have in your wardrobe. A black dress can be worn to all different types of occasions. Wear a black dress to work with some comfortable flats and a cute cardigan over top. If you are looking to go out on a dinner date with colleagues or simply with friends pair a black dress with some heels and a blazer over top.

black dress

The Button-Down Shirt

Nothing is classier than having a button down shirt in your wardrobe. A button-down shirt can be worn to a job interview, to a nice dinner with friends, or simply because you want to look sophisticated. Button-down shirts look great with both light and dark color trousers. Pair a button down shirt with a staple necklace piece to really make your outfit stand out.

button- down shirt

Chic Blazers

Blazers can make any outfit look more put together. A well-fitted blazer can really give off that classy elegant look needed to impress a new date. There are tons of different colors for blazers but the best option would be to purchase a blazer that is of a neutral color. A neutral color blazer is versatile and can be worn for several different occasions with different types of clothing.

chic blazer

Pencil Skirts Are Back

There are a million types of skirts out there but if you are really looking to give your wardrobe a classy look opt for a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts just as blazers should be form fitting but not too tight. An ideal classy pencil skirt would just hit directly above the knee. Pair pencil skirts with almost any style top whether it’s a body suit or a sweater top, and finish the look off with an oversized bag.

pencil skirt

The Classy Shoes

It can seem difficult to find classy shoes to finish off your look. Luckily there are lots of options to choose from. Closed toe shoes are always a great option. You can get closed toe shoes in flats, heels, or booties. If you are really looking to have that classy look, then opt for shoes that have a neutral color such as black, brown, and tan. Other colors might be too distracting and can take away from that classy look you are going for.


Get the Classy Look

Dressing classy doesn’t have to be hard. With a few pieces in your wardrobe, you can ideally take anything that you already have and make it classy. Pair a blazer with a pair of trousers that you already have in your closet. Pair a pencil skirt with a body suit that you already own. Dressing classy doesn’t mean breaking the bank; it’s all about combining a few essentials pieces together.