Fun 4th of July Activities

4th of July

Fun 4th of July Activities

It’s 4th of July weekend soon and what better way to celebrate then by crossing a couple of items off your summer bucket list. Break away from your old routine and plan some fun 4th of July activities. You could plan something close to home that’s inexpensive or you could plan a trip to get away. But wherever you decide to go, just don’t forget to catch a firework show at the end of the night. Here are some ideas for 4th of July activities.

Go to the Beach

Drive to the nearest beach and spend the day. Make sure to stay until the evening to enjoy some great fireworks.

Have a Picnic

Take of all those 4th of July delicious treats you made and celebrate with a picnic in the park. Pack some champagne for the adults and some games for the kids.

Go for a Bike Ride

Grab some friends and go for a nice bike ride around town.

Lounge in the Pool

Invite friends and family over and soak up some sun by the pool. Make some mojitos and burgers on the grill and just enjoy the holiday.

Watch a Parade

Wake up early and dress up patriotic for your town’s 4th of July parade.

Watch a Movie Outdoors

Set up a film screening in your backyard. Go for a patriotic classic film and bring out the popcorn.

Plan a Getaway

Go to one of America’s greatest landmarks like the Grand Canyon, the Liberty Bell, Statute of Liberty. There is plenty of worthy destinations to explore.

Host a Summer Cookout

Have your friends and family over for an outdoor cookout. You can grill some food and make 4th of July inspired desserts.

Find a Firework Show

It’s not a 4th of July celebration without some fireworks! Take the entire family to locals fireworks show you they’ll enjoy!