Must Haves For Fall

women plaid button-up blouse

Must Haves For Fall

Soon the kids will be back to school, but just because you have graduated and left that scene doesn’t mean you can’t cash in on some new fall fashion! Grab your purse, its time to treat yourself this fall to some of the latest trends and insights for this season. Don’t wait for the leaves to start falling and for the apple picking advertisements, get in on these hot trends now, so that you are prepped for the season.

Sweaters, A Staple

Its time for sweater weather! Grab your pumpkin spiced lattes and bundle up in a cozy knit oversized sweater for a lazy day by the fire. Cardigans provide excellent layering opportunities, and will be sure to keep you nice and toasty. They are easy to remove if you are feeling a bit too toasty, and can be easily tied around your waist, adding a simple but chic addition to your outfit. Sweater dresses are also a fantastic autumn opportunity, perfect for outdoor gatherings, but they can get a bit hot in a crowded indoor setting.

Jeans For Life

A classic that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, jeans are perfect for all fall activities. They provide great protection from nasty chills and will keep you safe while raking (or jumping) in leaves and scaling apple trees. Jeans will also go with just about anything, complimenting the entirety of your fall wardrobe with stylish ease.

Strut your Stuff

A pair of boots is always in style during the cold season. With so many materials—leather, suede, the list goes on and on. Some boots utilize more than one material, adding even more style and different textures. Colors such as black, brown, and gray will go with just about all of your autumn-wear. But don’t be afraid to go bold with flashy patterns and unique block colors. While your purple boots will get some strange looks, you have the power to strut your stuff and be who you are. Go the extra mile and get some high socks to go with them; they will add a bit of texture to that portion of your look.


The perfect accessory, the scarf will add a bit of flair to your ensemble while keeping your neck warm and protected from the cold. The infinity scarf is easy to handle, and will not fall off no matter how fast you have to run to make your bus. Scarves hinged with fringe bring more texture to the look. Texture is just like adding more layers, more complexity, but in a way that is really easy for you to bring to the table.

Lightweight scarves bring the style, but not necessarily the warmth, and are perfect for the earlier weeks of September, before the cold sets in. Solid colored scarves not for you? Don’t get mad; get plaid, with some plaid hemmed scarves. There are so many different types of plaid patterns out there, from wide madras, simple checks, thin glen plaid, or bold gingham. This soft material will add some patterns to your look, and feel comfy.

Coats—A Necessity

Okay, it’s not going to be summer forever. You gotta stay warm. Buy a coat, it will save your life. Coats will work wonders in order to keep you feeling like a bun in an oven when the rain is pouring and the wind is blowing and leaves are flying in your face. You have many options, such as woven jackets, thick cardigans, or denim. Find what works best for you, so that you can stay warm this season, and not catch cold!

Wrap it Up

Love layers? Wraps and kimonos are here for you. Grab a knit poncho and throw it over any outfit if you are more of a grab and go kind of gal. Get your favorite wrap and bundle yourself up, it’s like your own personal blanket that can actually be worn, and doesn’t have to take up space in a bag. This flowy and classy style will keep you cozy and trendy through the chilly weather.

Prep your insta, because it’s time for you to show who you are with your fall fashion. With so many different styles, you are going to be the talk of the town, and will be able to make many outfits out of one piece.