Back To The Basics: Top 5 Closet Essentials

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Back To The Basics: Top 5 Closet Essentials

Ladies, it’s time for a chat about basic closet essentials. Every woman’s closet must include the ultimate best basics to form any casual outfit. It’s so easy to go wrong when styling outfits, but with these pieces, there is no room for error. Even if you’re looking to style a statement piece like leather pants or a faux fur coat, going back to the basics will solve your fashion problems. Our bloggers at Fashion Style Guru know exactly what us ladies need in our closet when it comes to the basics.

The Casual Plain White T-Shirt

Every lady knows that a closet is not complete without a basic white t-shirt. And when we say basic, we mean essential, not overdone. Whether it’s fitted, oversized, or cropped, we all own one and we love it. This essential top can be paired with jeans, tucked into a skirt, or layered under a dress. It’s such a versatile piece and is appropriate for most occasions if styled the right way. Who doesn’t love a plain white t-shirt?! The possibilities are endless!

That Perfect Fitting Pair Of Jeans

The most basic closet essential of them all: Jeans. Many of us probably have a love-hate relationship with jeans. Whatever your views on jeans are, just remember that there comes a time where you will find the perfect pair that fit every part of your body seamlessly. Although it’s a journey, it’s worth it. Basic jeans can be dressed up or down, wear them to work in the office or to a night out with friends. No matter where a person comes from, they have a pair of basic jeans and it’s essential in their closet, even if they hate wearing them!

LBD – Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a basic must-have for every woman. It is the answer to all of our fashion troubles. “What should I wear to a dinner date?” LBD. “What should I wear to the bridal shower?” LBD. They can be dressed up or down, they fit ever so perfectly, and we can’t seem to bring ourselves to buy a second one. All women have their own vision of a basic LBD that suits their needs whether it’s spaghetti straps or a modest neckline. Whatever your LBD preference is, it’s always a fantastic idea to have a basic one on-hand that you feel confident in.

Comfy Heels For When You Need Them Most

Heels can be a touchy subject for some of us and that’s perfectly fine. Heels aren’t for everyone, especially when you can’t find the right pair for you. A basic (and comfy) pair of heels don’t come around too often, and when they do it’s impossible not to buy them. Owning a basic pair of heels is great to wear for special occasions. Pick yourself up a pair of neutral-colored heels and you will be prepared for any last-minute event thrown your way. They can be black, nude, open-toed, or platform. Regardless of the style, everyone should at least have one basic pair that doesn’t kill their feet.

The Everyday Handbag We Can’t Live Without

A sturdy, basic handbag will always be there for you, supporting all of your daily essentials. If you’re a tiny handbag lover, you probably have a collection of crossbodies and if you’re more into larger bags, you most likely have too many tote bags. Whichever style or color of purse you own, you use it every single day and it is a lifesaver. There will be those special occasions where you switch out your tote for a clutch or bedazzled crossbody and it’s nice to switch things up, but at the end of the day, we’re always crawling back to our favorite basic bags.