Stay Active With These Summer Athleisure Looks


Stay Active With These Summer Athleisure Looks

Get ready to up your style game this summer. Athleisure is now an integral part of every fashion girl’s closet. So whether you’re hustling at the gym, lounging around, or running errands, you’ll find yourself spending the majority of your summer in comfortable athleisure wear. From streetwear movements to legging trends and everything in between, you’ll need to stay up-to-date, less your style game suffer. If you plan on rocking athleisure on a daily basis, you’ll need to invest in good quality pieces that will last for years with ripping. Sounds expensive right? Wrong! We’ve found some affordable athleisure wear that’ll keep you looking cute as you’re completing a set of squats.

Here are this season’s best affordable athleisure pieces to grab now!

High-Rise Legging With a Short Sweatshirt

colour block legging

Legging and short sweatshirts are the best kinds of athleisure outfits to wear during the summer months. Take comfort to the max while showing off your beautiful figure – whether petite, curvy, or athletic. This super soft legging is the perfect addition to any outfit.

Cropped Tank and Jogger Shorts


We get it, summer can get extremely muggy and humid (we have pictures of our frizzy hair to prove it!). There will be times when you lack the motivation or desire to get up from your favourite spot on the couch.  No problem! With an outfit consisting of a cropped tank and jogger shorts, any day will feel like workout day, even the hottest of summer days. These jogger shorts feature soft fabric, a drawstring waist, and double side stripes.

Sleeveless Bodysuit


These types of outfits can be the perfect go-to for your beach days. A sleeveless bodysuit can make any hot day in the summer a great workout or swimming day.

Sports Bra and Leggings

active legging

Everyone knows that leggings can brighten any workout day, so why not pair them with your favorite sports bra to go with it? This outfit will keep you cool and allow your body to breathe during an intense cardio workout.

Camo Leggings and Loose-Fitting Sweatshirt

striped legging

There will always be those cool, windy, or rainy days that will sneak up on all of us during the summer, so make sure you’re prepared for those unexpected cool days. Why not treat yourself to a comfy loose-fitting sweatshirt that’ll warm you up during chilly nights.