Take a Calculated Risk with These Chic and Edgy Work Outfits

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Take a Calculated Risk with These Chic and Edgy Work Outfits

It can feel like an absolute nightmare transitioning from your trendy student lifestyle to the professional world. What’s worse is having to shop for blazers and pantsuits, while still wanting to buy trendy women’s tops. Luckily, Suzy Shier has an amazing selection of business casual women’s workwear.

Looking professional doesn’t mean ditching your style to don a pencil skirt and flats. With Suzy Shier’s massive collection of business casual dresses, tops, and bottoms, chic office outfit options are limitless. Throw on some of these trend-focused pieces to keep from looking like a corporate cardboard cutout.

A Sheer Tunic Blouse & Skinny Leg Pants

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Ankle-length pants are everywhere right now, and Suzy Shier wants to keep you up to date with this latest trend. The narrow silhouette elongates the legs and accentuates the waist, while the flexible waistband keeps you comfortable when you’re sitting at your desk all day. Take the look to the next level with this unique high-slitted sheer blouse that is both edgy and elegant. Don’t blame us when your roommate is begging you to borrow this for her next job interview.

A Striped Pleated Skirt & Neck Tie Top

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chiffon blouse

Bolder is (almost) always better. The colourful stripes and fashionable pleats of this gorgeous skirt make it an undeniably stylish addition to any work wardrobe. On or off the clock, this skirt is nowhere near your average business casual choice. When paired with the sleeveless chiffon blouse, the fun yet dressy vibes of the entire ensemble make you look professional without being too serious. Don’t deprive yourself of a colourful outfit just to fit in. Shop Suzy Shier’s vibrant business casual fashion today.

Ruffled Blouse & Dressy Joggers

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dressy jogger pants

Comfort means class with these smart jogger pants. Though you’re probably used to sporting these while binge-watching Netflix, the cuffed ankles, grey colour, and straight leg make these dressy jogger pants perfect for the full time professional. This is the closest you’ll get to wearing pajamas to work. They make Mondays a breeze since you’ll be just as comfortable as you were in bed. The feminine rose-coloured top is the perfect complement and is a great choice for the summer.

Don’t Be Boring: Shop Suzy Shier’s Massive Collection of Office Wear

Mondays at the office can be a drag, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best. With Suzy Shier, you don’t have to choose between looking professional and looking stylish anymore. Suzy Shier’s massive collection of business casual chicness is perfect for ladies of all shapes and sizes. Taking some fashion risks and rocking them at work is only going to make you feel like more of a professional, so stop talking yourself out of what you actually want to wear and just go for it!