Workwear: How To Look Stylish & Professional On The Job

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Workwear: How To Look Stylish & Professional On The Job

We all want to look and feel our best at all times, and that includes at the office. Whether you’re running off to a business meeting with an important client or typing away at your computer, your work wardrobe should always reflect your impressive resume. Although we all love to hit the malls and add some new pieces to our closet, shopping for work clothes can be daunting. With tons of workwear to choose from like sophisticated dresses and powerful pantsuits, how are you supposed to find the ideal office ensemble? We’ve even taken to the Internet to help narrow our search, but that seemed to add even more stress. Online clothing stores today have plenty of options to choose from, but sifting and sorting through items can sometimes be a job in itself. To eliminate that extra hassle and take away some of that unnecessary wardrobe stress, we have come up with some helpful tips to step up your office wear!

Understand What’s Appropriate For The Office

Before you begin the search to find the best work outfits, you must first do some research about what clothes are appropriate for your industry. Are you going to be sporting a hi-vis jacket or some tough duck overalls for your first day? Maybe you’re expected to rule the boardroom in a structured work jacket or sophisticated dress. Whatever the dress code may be, research is key! You can find this information in various ways including the trusty Google search or by asking your supervisor their expectations for your workwear. Try to get a feel for your workplace dress code by noting what your coworkers are rocking. Although we don’t suggest being a total style copycat, we do encourage you to match their level of style and understand what your office expects from your work wardrobe.


Keep It Simple

Although we are a total lover of bright colours and jewelry junkies at heart, we have learned that it is best to keep it simple at the workplace. It is important to not be too loud when it comes to work clothes since you do not want to distract or take away from your assignments. When presenting to a new client or pitching a new idea to your supervisor, you want to make sure the focus is on your proposal, and not your outfit! Just because you shouldn’t wear bold colours does not mean you can’t have fun with your workwear! Try a trendy trouser paired with a subtle patterned top – like a gingham or polka dot print that strays away from boring but is still work-appropriate.

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It’s Okay To Accessorize!

Spruce up any work outfit in the blink of an eye with a powerful heel, professional bag, and simple accessories. Be careful when it comes to jewelry, you don’t want to overdo it with stacks of loud bangles and sparkly necklaces that could distract from your work. Stick to simple silver or gold jewelry, for a sophisticated statement that will be sure to get you some compliments from your colleagues.

Sizzle In Some Slacks

You can’t go wrong with the perfect pair of pants: from chic capris to trendy trousers, slacks are versatile, comfy, and most importantly stylish! If your workplace requires you to dress more formal, avoid jeans, exercise pants, and shorts. If your office is business-casual, stay away from sweatpants and joggers to ensure you are not dressed too nonchalantly. Instead, opt for some dark denim pants or some simple black dress pants to stay comfortable and look powerful at work.

Watch The Length

Although skirts and dresses are among our favourite pieces to rock at work, they can sometimes trick us into thinking they are work-appropriate. When shopping for work skirts and dresses, you want to make sure that they split at or below the knee. Try sitting in multiple positions in these pieces to double-check that the length is acceptable and comfortable in all positions. If the skirt or dress falls above the knee or rides halfway up the thigh, it is best to leave this item on the rack, as we want to make our work ensembles are appropriate. Although we love a good sundress or denim skirt, they do not belong in our work wardrobe as they cross the line of being too casual. You want to have a casual dress, but there’s a fine line between casual and not appropriate for work.   Dresses can be tough to nail at work, but do not worry. There are plenty of options and varieties of dresses from knee-length dresses to maxi dresses online and in stores near you.

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Keep It Covered

When it comes to office-approved tops, shirts that show your stomach or too much shoulder are not on the list. Tank tops, halter-tops, and midriffs shirts are perfect for those summer barbeques or fabulous vacations, but they are far from work-appropriate. If you are still dying to wear those shoulder-baring tops to work, style it with a blazer or a sports jacket to keep it stylish yet appropriate!

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Rock Some Fresh Footwear

Your work shoes should be chic and comfortable, which is why you should opt for a lovely loafer or dressy heel that will spruce up any ensemble. Although flip-flops and slippers are comfy and easy to throw on, they are better left at home since they are not deemed acceptable in the office. Not only that, but they are also a hazard around large groups of people or machinery. Take a stroll before wearing your shoes to work, to ensure you can last the whole day without feeling uncomfortable.

Workwear For Every Woman

When it comes to workwear, it can sometimes feel impossible to know exactly what is right or wrong. To help you navigate those daunting racks and Internet searches, use these tips to find the office outfit that works for you. Go rock that interview or command the boardroom in style!