Your Business Casual Fashion Guide

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Your Business Casual Fashion Guide

Ms.Tyra Banks herself always said, wear what you want and do as you please, but make it fashion. And boy, was she right. Office attire doesn’t always have to be boring. The possibilities are endless for appropriate yet seriously fashionable business casual wear. It’s time to toss all of those lumpy sweaters and scuffed clogs and trade them in for chic trousers and elegant blazers. Here at Fashion Style Guru, we want you to feel as incredible as you look so take our excellent tips for a spin around the office. You can thank us later!

Rise & Shine With Lively Colors

Who needs coffee when you have vibrant colors to wake you up? Just kidding, we still need our coffee, but these energetic colors will certainly encourage that caffeine boost. First off, go for colors that you enjoy because they will for sure give you a breakthrough of confidence while in the office, but go outside of your comfort zone too. Splashes of magenta and tangerine or sage and mauve are a fantastic start and are sure to make you stand out in your office any day of the week. We aren’t telling you to bust out every neon garment you own, but a pop of color here and there positively won’t hurt. Another tip is to match small accessories to your color of choice, like your handbag or something as simple as a scarf.

Patterns To Brighten Up Any Monday In The Office

Patterns and colors are like cousins or maybe even sisters. Sometimes they clash, but when they do get along everyone is happy, especially mom. Patterns are a sensational way to bring out colors from one garment to another. For example, wearing a white button-up blouse that has red polka dots looks incredible paired with red pants of the same or similar shade. On the other hand, pairing a striped green top with bright purple pants will certainly clash, unless you want to look like Barney. Whatever your preference is, remember that patterns can always save a look from going dull in the office!

Shoes, Shoes, And More Shoes Please

Listen up ladies – this is the point where it’s possible to lose an outfit, dare I say, to a dreadful pair of shoes. Clogs and penny loafers have officially left the chat (and office) and we couldn’t be happier. Break out those suede black pumps and modern mary jane heels you’ve been hiding and strut down those cubicle halls like you own the place. Unless your boss walks in, then strut the other way! But if you’re not much of a heel lady, snazzy flats and stylish loafers will indeed be your new best friend for the office. There are thousands of refreshing options to choose from nowadays so you will unquestionably find the perfect pair.

Listen To Tyra And Make It Fashion

An office is a place for tedious computer work and boring phone calls. That right there is your excuse to pretend every day is a fashion show in the office. Whatever day of the week it may be, whether it’s a sluggish Monday or a casual Friday, you better work it and I’m not talking about just behind your computer. Think of the queen herself, Tyra, and make her proud by making it fashion. Want more fashion news and styling tips? Subscribe to our blog for endless tips and tricks to looking incredible wherever you go.