Back To School In Style

Back To School In Style

Summer has come and gone and now it’s time to get out the old backpack, grab your pencils, and head on back to school. But, you need to go back in style. We’ve got you covered from head to toe in the newest trends and takes on all things fashion. Your classmates will be amazed by all of your flawless looks, but only if you are in the know. At Urban Planet, we want you to succeed this school year, in more ways than one. Here are our suggestions for you this coming September.

Dare in Denim

Layer it on! Denim on denim is not a fashion crisis anyone—it’s in, and it’s in to stay. Jean jackets go with just about anything, and provide fierce protection from the autumn chill. Make it your own with some cool patches and pins. Denim shirts will flatter any sweater or blouse you don, and will typically have something all girls crave: pockets. If not in the front, they are certainly in the back. Denim overalls are not just for farmers anymore, bring layers to the party with your own pair! Your typical denim wear, the pants, are perfect for back to school, and help you stay warm and stylish all through winter. Our denim products do not have to come in their signature blue; get funky and go for different colors—pink, black, even patterns like cameo—we got you covered.

denim jacket

Flawlessly Floral

Patterns are all the rage, and those sweet flowers will remind you of those lazy summer days if you go floral. Get a gorgeous light dress for those first few weeks in September that still have that insane heat, and then warm it up with some boots and tights for those colder months. Invest in a flowy kimono for a fashionable way to keep out those pesky autumn breezes, and add a flash of color and grace to your ensemble. A floral blouse may be more your speed, and can be easily paired with shorts or jeans, depending on the weather.

floral dress

Faithful Flannel

Soft, comfy, and loyal to a fault, you cannot go wrong with flannel. A button-up can easily pair with a tank top. Tie it fashionably around your waist on surprisingly warm September days, or days when the air conditioning is out in the school… Again. Switch it up with all that plaid in all of the colors of the rainbow. Olive green. Ravishing red. Tie up the ends in a stylish knot, or let it hang classically just above the jeans. Flannels ensure that your pictures will be all ready for insta and will keep you comfortable and happy this school season.

flannel shirt


The fall comes with many basic staples. Leaves falling, pumpkin-spice everything, and comfy sweaters are at the top of the list. Stay warm and bring on the layers with some roomy knit sweaters. Show some skin with a cropped sweater, or pair it with high-waist jeans. Get ready for winter and bundle up in turtleneck. Go for the damsel in a distressed V-Neck. Maybe go for a long, lightweight look for those warmer months. All in all, you cannot go wrong with this classic. Grab your tank tops and throw over a sweater for some great layering looks, and you’re gonna rule the school this year.

women sweater

High school is no musical, and you want to be ready for all that is to come. Maybe today is the day of that big presentation, or the college rep is coming in, and you need to be prepared with the best outfit to strut your stuff and show them what you are made of. Grab your backpack, don’t forget your textbooks, and prepare to study in style this semester. Want more amazing back-to-school styles? Check out our website urban-planet.com for some sweet deals and suggestions!