A Guide To Wearing Biker Shorts

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A Guide To Wearing Biker Shorts

Gone are the days when biker shorts were meant for turning heads and feeling comfortable at the gym. Nowadays, we noticed other fashionistas styling these adorable shorts in every way possible. Even the iconic Princess Diana adored them—she truly was ahead of her time! We want you to stay up-to-date with the latest styling trends, so we’re going to reveal how you can flaunt your new biker shorts flawlessly. Our bloggers came up with an incredible list of outfit ideas that you will absolutely gush over. Read on for our favorite ways to rule the game with the legendary biker shorts.

Casual & Contemporary At Its Finest

If you’re new to the biker shorts trend and aren’t too sure how to style them, this method is perfect for newbies. You can’t go wrong with an oversized t-shirt, fitted biker shorts, and a pair of old (or new) chunky sneakers. Take your look up a notch if you dare and swap that graphic tee for a warm oversized hoodie. Counteracting tight biker shorts with a super baggy hoodie is also a fun way to balance out an outfit while highlighting the athletic aesthetic. To make a long story short: you’ll look captivating in this contemporary ensemble without having to sacrifice the comfort factor we love.

Be A Boss In & Out Of The Gym With Biker Shorts

Alright, ladies – let’s take things to the next level. If you’re the fearless type, then a crop top and biker shorts won’t alarm you. Depending on the type of crop top, it may or may not look like you’re headed to the gym. That’s not a bad thing; but to avoid that, grab a grungy denim jacket and a dainty purse to keep it relaxed without looking too athletic. However, if you are going for the athletic, headed to the gym look, then go all out and throw on a windbreaker, sneakers, and a baseball cap. This is the utmost comfortable look and hey, maybe you decide you want to hit the gym, you are head-to-toe prepared in your ravishing biker shorts.

Look Fashion-Forward With A Blouse & Pumps

This one is for the ultimate fashionistas out there: An adorable button-up blouse, plain old biker shorts, and a pair of hot pumps. Blending athleisure and business attire creates a groundbreaking look and we just can’t get enough. We see all the celebrities rocking it so why can’t we give it a shot?
For a more sophisticated detail, add a skinny waist belt and choose a vibrant shade for a drop of color. Not feeling this girly look? Take another route and grab a charming fanny pack to layer on your biker shorts instead with a pair of platform boots and stomp away.

Face It, You Admire Biker Shorts As Much As We Do

We know that this biker shorts trend is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it can’t hurt to try it out. Everyone has hopped on board and now it’s your turn! Who says you can’t wear biker shorts for every occasion? We say you can. There are endless ways to style this everlasting trend and we just can’t get it off our minds.