A Chic, Fashion-Forward Pajama Day In Public

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A Chic, Fashion-Forward Pajama Day In Public

There’s nothing we love more than a pajama day. Spending the entirety of the day in cozy PJs binge-watching movies and snacking on treats is a recipe for a perfect day in. However, if you have some errands to run, why change? At Fashion Style Guru, we’ve come up with some incredible ways for you to look shockingly chic while in your PJ set.

Turn Heads In A Matching Pajama Set

We all have a matching PJ set that grandma bought us for Christmas last year. Well, that’s the look we are sort of going for. Find a pajama set that has the classic PJ style: button-up, collared neck, and wide pant legs. However, we suggest going for a more subtle print to avoid standing out too much. For instance, stay away from prints like plaid as to not pull your look in the full-on Christmas pajama category. Now, when it comes to styling a matching pajama set there are a few tips. Leave the top two buttons undone and tuck one side of your top into the bottoms like the fancy french tuck. Hike up those pants to make them look high-waisted, and finally add some heels and a dainty purse. All of these amazing tricks will help to elevate the look and make it a little more appropriate to wear out of the house.

The Modern Silk Nightgown Any Time Of The Day

There are many benefits of silk. It improves your skin’s appearance, stops hair breakage, and of course looks adorable on. Whether you’re wrapped in silk bed sheets or adorned in a silk slip dress, you’re benefiting. Wearing silk dresses out and about these days is a modern trend and we can’t get enough. If you’re feeling innocent and sweet, pair your slip dress with some heels, a peacoat, and a matching handbag. But if you’re feeling daring, break out some boots and a leather jacket for a head-turning grunge look. There are seriously endless ways to rock the slip dress look so make it your own by adding your own unique flair.

Let’s Take a Robe Trip To Fashion Paradise

Robes have come a very long way, clearly because people are now wearing them as fashion statements and we actually aren’t mad about it. Pairing a cute mini dress with a short silky robe is a great way to keep comfortable without ditching the cuteness factor. Street style fashion proves that you can make any garment of clothing work if it’s styled the right way. Even casual jeans with a plain old blouse look amazing paired with a satin robe. If you’re worried about being swallowed up by your kimono-style robe, the ribbon belt will be your best friend by cinching your waist when you need it most. We’ve seen Rihanna pull it off, now it’s our turn!

PJs For Every Day Of The Week

You now have an excuse for bedhead because it’s just part of the look. Rock your pajamas any day of the week now and stay in maximum comfort no matter what time it is. The moral of the story is, you can wear pajamas without looking like a hot mess. As long as your PJ’s are styled the right way and you feel confident in them, you’re good to go. At Fashion Style Guru, we love making fashion statements and are happy to help a fellow fashionista in need. Subscribe to our blog for more fascinating fashion hacks, essential styling tips, and the latest trending pieces.