Canadian Fashion vs. United States Fashion

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Canadian Fashion vs. United States Fashion

For as long as I can remember Canadians and Americans have always had a hostile relationship. Both these countries are located in the Northeast and have English- speaking inhabitants, but Canada’s population of roughly 35.2 million is bit-size compared to the estimated 316 million people living in the United States. Their climates are also very different, American winters are not even as close as bad as Canada’s. But, let’s talk fashion what sets us apart from our fellow Canadians and what do we share in style?

Canadian Fashion Editors

Canadian street style includes outfits that prioritize comfort and versatility with the occasional edgy accessory. Solid colors seem to overrule patterns, while flat sneakers and boots appear to be the norm. Due to limited resources and brand availability, Canadians have to use their imagination more. Because the country’s fashion industry is so small, many editors also opt out of buying clothes from local brands in order to avoid constantly wearing the same pieces. Canadians just like everyone else in the fashion world have the desire to stand out and to express their personality through their outfits.

Canadian Fashion Bloggers

When browsing for Canadian style blogs it becomes clear that there’s a much smaller selection to choose from.  According to a few Canadian bloggers, Canadians have to get pretty creative most of the year because of such intense winters. Bloggers have learned to manage with expert layering and finding the perfect balance between a warm and aesthetically pleasing coat. The summer style isn’t all that different between Canada and the United States. During the summer Canadians love heading up north to Muskoka, which is often compared to the Hamptons. Summers in Muskoka calls for the perfect bikini and high-waisted shorts, paired with a cardigan for cooler nights.

Canadian Fashion Designers

The biggest difference between Canadian and American customers is that Canadians rarely opt for the shorter winter coats that Americans often prefer. Canadian designers say that functionality is of utmost importance. They want jackets that they have designed to be closet staples that people will rely on and wear for a long time. Americans seem to take more risks with new designers, while Canadians trend to stick to the bigger, more commercial names. Designers in Canada acknowledge that fashion is a very small market that is slowly growing and establishing yourself outside the country is pretty crucial.