Busy Moms with Style and Grace

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Busy Moms with Style and Grace

Being a mom can get pretty hectic whether you have one, two or more kids running around in your home. From getting up early, getting them out to bed to preparing all of their meals of the day. The summer can often be a breeze since they’re just enjoying their time off playing outside with their friends.  But, once the school year comes around again…its back to all the craziness involved in getting your kids ready for the new school year. Back to school shopping can be easier for all you busy moms with these latest fashion trends.

Graphic Tees and Hoodies that do ALL the Talking

Graphic tees and hoodies are perfect for kids to express their personality. Your kids can wear these to school and they’re so easy to just pair with some shorts or jeans. Most graphic tees and hoodies have powerful messages and others have some kind of character on them, such as a cute kitty or pony.

Fashion Meets Comfort

The importance of kids fitting in with their peers is understandable. It is also important as a mom to find clothing for your kids that withstand their daily routines and especially clothing that they feel comfortable in. This is where athleisure comes into play. Athleisure has become a huge trend among women and men, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t be trendy too. Kids’ athleisure is known for its versatility and comfort which is code for mean to be. Color blocking is the go to this fall when it comes to athleisure.

It’s all in the Details

Little details such as ruffles and lace, embroidery and mesh are still very popular. As well as adding stripes on the side of pants and shirts that have sparkly glitter or sequins. Embroidery is stitching its way across dress hems, belts, bags, knitwear and denim. You can find whatever suits your son or daughter best, anything from floral embroidery to animals embroidered on t-shirts or dresses.

Live in Harmony with Nature

Large sweaters in cable knit wool will keep your kids nice and cozy on a cold school morning. Pair that with a blanket scarf for extra coziness and they’re good to go. The colors you should go for are brown, fir, ochre, slate blue and old pink.