What’s Hot and What’s NOT

What’s Hot and What’s NOT

Do you ever wish you had a fashion genie that followed your every move? A fashion genie that kept you on track with the latest fashion trends and would let you know when something simply didn’t make the cut. I think we all need this imaginary fashion genie. But since we’re not that advanced in the world yet – I guess fashion blogs, runways and magazines will do for now. Fashion is a never ending cycle. Trends come and go, some stick for longer and others don’t even make it to the next season. But today is your lucky day because I will be filling you in on some the DO’s and DON’Ts of this season.

DON’T: Plaid

Although I’m a plaid lover and I am sad to see it go. Plaid is no longer trend we should have up and center in our closets. It’s time to make room for other emerging prints.

plaid pants

DO: Check Print

If you haven’t noticed yet check print is everywhere. On the runways, on the streets, in magazines and so on. Check print has been popping up on shirts, blazers, trousers, and even jackets.

check print pants

DON’T: Lace-Up Corset

Think back to when was the last time you saw lace-up corset belts on the street. Possibly two seasons ago. Corset belts had their time and they fit flawlessly with any outfit you paired it with. But like any trend this belt style is over for now.

lace-up corset belt

DO: Wide Belts

Now it’s time to make some room for wide belts. Wide belts on dresses, wide belts on trousers, wide belts on sweater, wide belts on jackets…well you get the point! This is the perfect accessory for any outfit.

wide belt

DON’T: Millennial Pink

Millennial pink isn’t completely gone.  But it’s safe to say that if you’re starting to feel a bit tired of the hue, it’s okay to let go. For those who aren’t sure of what millennial pink is, I like to think of it as baby pink. There are so many new shades to add to your wardrobe – AND let me just say you won’t be missing this hue.

millennial pink

DO: Lavender

All hail Lavender! This purple palette should be in every fashion girl’s wardrobe. Whether it’s in wide leg trousers, a top, a dress and so on. I mean how can you say no to this color? Pair it with a nude and you’re all set.lavender

DON’T: Skater Sneakers


This one saddens me because I do love my classic Vans sneakers. I’m not saying you have to get rid of these sneakers entirely…but they’ll be taking a break for now.

skater sneakers

DO: Dad Sneakers

Dad sneakers have become quite the trend. The first pair to be recognized were from Balenciaga, but Reebok , Fila, Nike have also joined the bandwagon of trends. You can rock these sneakers with dresses, blazers, tracksuits – pretty much everything.

dad sneakers

DON’T: Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are not a trend anymore. But with all the new options we have now for this fall, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

chelsea boots

DO: Sock Boot

Sock boots are my favorite trend yet. You can get them in any color – black, nude, red, prints. They’re usually tight-fitting on your legs. AND you can wear them with practically anything from jeans to shorts and dresses to skirts – you name it!

sock boots

DON’T: Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have quickly become a bit played out. We’ve seen bomber jackets in every color and print – it’s time for the next big thing. Until next time!

bomber jacket

DO: Blazer

It’s no surprise that blazers and suit sets have become the latest big trend. You can dress them up for work or dress them down for after work. This trend transitions perfectly from day to night making life so much easier for all you fashionistas.